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Experts in Microsoft Office 365 Training, Collaboration & Innovation

Microsoft Office 365 is complex and always changing. We help you change.

We are experts in all the traditional programs, plus new developments in Teams, Yammer, Forms, Planner, Flow, PowerBI & much more.

Do you want your team to collaborate more effectively? To learn and grow in knowledge, confidence and enjoyment of your core work tools. Please ask us how we can help you.

Jansz Group are experts in providing training for the Microsoft Office365 Suite including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Sharepoint, Teams, Yammer and Skype

Jansz Digital Coaching

Jansz Digital Coaching drives business productivity by efficiently building individual skills, knowledge and confidence.

Jansz Innovation

Jansz Innovation helps individuals and teams, who wish to reduce the time, cost & risk of implementing new ideas.

Jansz Research

Jansz Research talks to real people to find out what they really think, to help decision-makers understand their customers and stakeholders.

What our learners say!

Customised to my needs – excellent.

PaulaExecutive Manager

It has been useful to work on relevant documents. Thank you.

HayleyTAFE Teacher

Need more coaching please.

JoeTAFE Teacher

Awesome session. I got to ask particular questions around my issues. Thank you.

NoneTAFE Teacher

Targeted to what I required/requested.

CatherineTAFE Teacher

Very helpful and useful information that will be used daily for my working tasks to improve efficiency.

MattTAFE Teacher

Impressive off the cuff meeting where a one on one catered to the individual nicely..

SamTAFE Teacher

Very helpful and supportive. Clear instructions.

MargaretTAFE Teacher

Great time saving knowledge

AnonTAFE Teacher

The new function I learnt today helps me to create tables using new techniques. Want to know more helpful functions.

MalikahTAFE Teacher

Continued with previous coaching focus. Build confidence.

CandaceTAFE Teacher

Content was spot on. Well delivered and will immediately benefit me.

AdrianTAFE Teacher

Excellent, targeted learning. Really valuable content. The follow up documents are also very helpful. Fabulous.

LisaTAFE Teacher

Session was extremely informative. I believe I will now be more efficient and productive in admin hours.

ClarkTAFE Teacher

I learnt a lot of new skills in Microsoft word to help with formatting and styles. This will save me a lot of time!

CorinaTAFE Teacher

Excelled content and trainer knowledge. Very comfortable and exciting.

DanielTAFE Teacher

Validated my current practice and taught me some great shortcuts for outlook!

AngelaTAFE Teacher

Awesome, again I learnt a lot of new things to incorporate into my delivery. Thanks so much

KristynTAFE Teacher

Excellent teaching keeping everyone up to speed in the class. Very valuable.

TrentEducation Admin

Very knowledgeable coach, helped me to understand more about these tools.

AlexTAFE Teacher

Trainers were lovely and a great help. Thank you.

ZhangTAFE Teacher

I Can't Express How Glad I Am To Have This Session, I’ve Learnt So Much. Richard Was A Great Teacher.

KristynTAFE Teacher

Managed questions well, assisted individuals as needed, important in a varied group.

AkariTAFE Teacher

Lots of hints, thank you for taking the time to make to make training so enjoyable. Very relevant for our usage of excel.

SueTAFE Teacher

Good and helpful session. More training would be great.

CharlotteTeaching Support

Very valuable to someone with limited computer literacy. Presented clearly and concisely.


The journey begins - looking forward to learning the capabilities of excel.

JamesTAFE Teacher

Useful short cuts and tips that are relevant to my work and current skills.

CorinaTAFE Teacher

Great, always learning. Thanks very much.

EvanTAFE Teacher

The session was just one hour, but it was efficient and well-paced.

RachaelTAFE Teacher

Thank you - what I learnt today was a revelation. This will improve the quality of my slides and save me a lot of time in developing them.

Ying YueTAFE Teacher

I learnt several techniques that will make my jobs much easier. Very relevant knowledge and a very encouraging manner.


We covered practical points that I needed to know.

JosieTAFE Teacher

The session today was really valuable - it was tailored to my learning needs and what I learnt will save me a lot of time. Ian's coaching style is excellent. Thank you!

CorinaTAFE Teacher

Great easy to follow and what I needed. Now I can better plan my day/week. Thanks.

EwanTAFE Teacher

I love my coaching, thank you.

LesleyTAFE Teacher

I love all the new colours in the calendar! Thanks.

HannahTAFE Teacher

Most helpful and will progress further in next session.

PaulaTAFE Teacher

I learnt lots. Looking forward to using this knowledge.

AdrianTAFE Teacher

Excellent - learnt lots of little tricks and getting the hang of excel. Thank you so much.

JackieTAFE Teacher

The coach was very patient with me.

StellaTAFE Teacher

Ian is friendly and open with plenty of knowledge that he is very happy to share. Thoroughly recommend.

MichelleTAFE Teacher

Great personality so didn't feel like a .....when I didn’t know the obvious - so that was fab.

TriciaTAFE Teacher

This training is so valuable because it is individual and works with whatever I actually need.

ShellieTAFE Teacher

The coaching was really interactive, thorough and to the point.


Very relevant. Answered all questions regarding ongoing issues, fast and to the point.

ClarkTAFE Teacher

Very practical and aligned to current work. Inbox can be tamed now!

StuartTAFE Teacher

Wow...you have just made life easier when managing tables in word. This is a skill that I have not known how to do correctly. Great work and thank you.

Ji-WooProgram Support

Fun, informative and well targeted to my needs!!

LibbyTAFE Teacher

We removed data duplicates, tidied up % and formulas, overall feeling competent!

SarahTAFE Teacher

Very approachable coach. Good style of teacher, valuable lesson.

CandaceTAFE Teacher

Great session - moved quickly through things when needed but simply explained other (unknown) subjects very comprehensively.

CherylTAFE Teacher

Love the pivot table and the custom sort filter. Excellent coach.

BelindaTAFE Teacher

Excellent explanations, so easy to understand, thanks.

AlexTAFE Teacher

Very relevant and I learnt things in PowerPoint I did not know.

KerneTAFE Teacher

Very informative, organised and friendly. Good session for me, thanks..

JadeTAFE Teacher

Excellent! I learnt a number of new features for both excel and power point. Rachael is fantastic!

BelindaTAFE Teacher

Very helpful for the work I need to complete today.

NigelTAFE Teacher

Everyone should have this training.

BradfordTAFE Teacher

Good, relevant use of excel tools. Simply explained. Very interesting. Thanks.

CherylTAFE Teacher

I have appreciated the informal sessions that CIT and Ian have provided. Great innovation!. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

MichelleTAFE Teacher

Fabulous, really fun and informative.

LisaTAFE Teacher

We need more training like this.

MiaAdmin Support

It was useful, and Richard explained it very clearly and patiently. I’ll definitely use this training.

JabiraProgram Support

Thanks for the help, looking forward to learning more.

AdrianTeam Leader

Great. Was very anxious about excel and after a play it doesn't seem so daunting.

TriciaTAFE Teacher

Very helpful information and clarified many of the concerns/issues I have been grappling with. Thank you.

GraceTAFE Teacher

The session was on pivot tables, manipulating data that I am sent from the college. I learnt heaps, thank you!

SarahTAFE Teacher

I learnt so much and Ian has a very kind and enthusiastic manner. It was a very valuable and helpful experience.

JessTAFE Teacher

Estimate of time saved is conservative - the more I use these new skills, the more time I’ll save.

SarahExecutive Manager

Fantastic - fixed my issue with One Note definitely going to help me get organised!

ShellieTeam Leader

Coach was so encouraging.

StellaTAFE Teacher

Great coach. I am learning a lot on Excel.

DavidTAFE Teacher

Patient, positive reinforcement, helpful coach, kept it simple - didn't go into too much detail.

JosieTAFE Teacher

This was great. I learnt things I didn't know about applications I use regularly. . Overall very useful. Looking forward to the next session.

LisaTAFE Teacher

Rachael was friendly, knowledgeable and really helpful.

GillianTAFE Teacher

Went through pivot tables, filtering and graph creation.

SarahTAFE Teacher

Very helpful, presentation was clear and answered all questions. Would highly recommend other sessions..

AnonProgram Support

Excellent! Good having the training at our own desktops.

RobertTAFE Teacher

Great introductory session, reaffirmed knowledge of outlook and opened my eyes to excel - scary but exciting!

RebeccaTAFE Teacher

Was very beneficial - I will be using the process to manage my time more effectively and efficiently.

BradTAFE Teacher

Rachael made the learning experience easy and enjoyable.

PeterTAFE Teacher

Excellent to get that extra knowledge, thank you.

AndreTAFE Teacher

I wish I’d learnt this much earlier in my career. All staff should engage in this training, it's really valuable.

MegTAFE Teacher

A great session, very informative as always!

JaneTAFE Teacher

Good facilitation, easy to understand, good timing.

RhiannonTAFE Teacher

Found this to be very good and looking forward to the next training session.

RodneyTAFE Teacher

I wish I learnt this much earlier in my career. All staff should engage in this training, it’s really valuable.

MegTAFE Teacher

Found tips and suggestions really helpful, especially regarding time management.

ElizabethTAFE Teacher

I learnt a lot today; this will help me with my time management and categorising emails.

SiennaEducation Admin

Looking forward to the next training session.

KellyTAFE Teacher

Very well explained at a pace that I could keep up with. Learned new things to work with. Excellent.

JackieTAFE Teacher

This has given me a visual overview of a complex data set, which can inform my work.

KateTAFE Teacher

Session was informative. Coach was great. Very knowledgeable and has a very friendly manner.

AlineTAFE Teacher

Appreciate being able to more effectively use this software.

MariaTAFE Teacher

Valuable and interesting information presented in an easy way. Tailored to my needs.

CherylTAFE Teacher

I learnt so much today through word. I really enjoyed the session.

KristynTAFE Teacher

The session was tailored to my needs and the coach, Rachael was very helpful. Thank you.

GillianTAFE Teacher

Very useful and relevant. Ian has a very patient and supportive manner. Thank you.

EllaTAFE Teacher

Thank you for a very practical session and for your patient and supportive approach.

EllaTAFE Teacher

Relevant, useful, really good that it's at our workstation.

CatherineTAFE Teacher

Very insightful. I would recommend this training and Ian to anyone. Thank you!

JacquelineTAFE Teacher

Really valuable, quick, relevant and practical. At my workstation! Great.

ElizabethTAFE Teacher

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